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Gas Tracking System

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Gas Tracking System is the most cost effective Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) suite for providing a retail access/customer choice management solution for the natural gas industry. Gas Tracking System offers a unique "one-login / manage many" model that allows Administrators access to one system while supporting numerous operating companies. Gas Tracking System provides utilities an interactive system that allows gas marketers, utilities, pipelines and customers to communicate and manage daily operations via one system. Flexible enough to change and meet the various state and utility requirements, Gas Tracking System can be customized to meet your exact regulatory requirements.

School Resource Officer Incident Tracking and Analysis System

For more information visit SRO System Features or please call 315.635.1695 x111

In order to keep track of SRO (School Resource Officer) activities as well as the impact of their interventions, Bridge Technology Systems Inc. and Partnership for Results, Inc., has developed the SRO Incident Tracking and Analysis System. The SRO Incident Tracking and Analysis System is a cost-effective and secure information management system in support of community policing activities. Each officer is able to keep track of specific interventions and incidents on a systematic, daily basis and to engage in systematic screening for problem areas and behaviors, analysis of patterns, the development of appropriate responses, and an assessment of the impacts of intervention, all hallmarks of effective community policing. This system is accessible by police administrators, who are able to track officers’ activities and the effects of their work. Senior school officials for each school and the central office may be granted selective access to the data so that they are able to monitor the activities of the SROs, a critical function in this era of heightened school accountability and joint school/police department funding of SRO programs.

CHildren At Risk Interagency System

For more information please call 315.635.1695 x111

The CHildren At Risk Interagency System (CHARI) was developed for clinicians to record information on a regular basis about their clients:

Problem: The struggle that people in the social services field often have is the time required to complete paperwork about their clients. As a result, information about clients is often entered into lengthy paper documents, to-do lists, spreadsheets or elsewhere making it hard to understand the overall impact that services are providing. It is particularly difficult for those cases that involve complex treatment plans, multiple service providers and many sources of information.

Features: CHARI offers a single point of assessment and accountability (SPOAA) for entering information and analyzing results. With CHARI, there is certain required information when the case is first opened, and then the clinician is required to enter progress type of information on a regular basis. The initial information includes demographic, family and education data; the regularly updated information is categorized into areas such as treatment plan and goals, service referrals, alcohol/substance abuse, mental health and medical events. An "Updates Required" report is available to prompt the clinician for required information about their clients. Through the use of drop down lists, a consistent user interface, a listing of all significant events and ready access to the information, data is entered in a regular and standardized manner.

Advantages: As a result of using this application, clinicians state that they can easily enter the information into the database in a time-efficient manner. Supervisory personnel find that they do not have to wade through piles of progress notes or other material to obtain information that is readily available on-line. Clinicians and analytical personnel find they can easily assemble trend data about clients to help monitor progress, measure results and refine services.

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